Episode Guide

Ep: How They Got Here

AIRED: Mar 8 9/8c

Ep 13: Ain't No Thanks Like a Chicken Wing

AIR DATE: Jun 26 9/8c

Ep 12: A Tribe Called Key West

AIRED: Jun 19 9/8c

Ep 11: Boys Gone Wild

AIRED: Jun 12 9/8c

Ep 10: The Hangover

AIRED: Jun 5 9/8c

Ep 9: Guess Who's Coming to Lunch

AIRED: May 29 9/8c

Ep 8: Sari, Not Sari

AIRED: May 22 9/8c

Ep 7: Fowl Play

AIRED: May 15 9/8c

Ep 6: To Liver and Die in Charleston

AIRED: May 8 9/8c

Ep 5: Craig of All Trades, Master of None

AIRED: May 1 9/8c

Ep 4: Shepwrecked

AIRED: Apr 24 9/8c

Ep 3: Step and Release

AIRED: Apr 17 9/8c

Ep 2: Roamin' Holiday

AIRED: Apr 10 9/8c

Ep 1: While the Kat's Away

AIRED: Apr 3 9/8c