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As we approach season four, it should be noted that there are four seasons in a calendar year. Thus, if analyzed cyclically, Mr. Shepard Rose has indeed come full circle. Ergo, season one began in the summer. So we now find him in the spring of his television existence. Indeed, Mr. Rose is in full bloom! As the old saying goes, "the whole is greater than the sum of its parts," Shep happily plays the part of court jester in this amalgam/ensemble of colorful characters that is Southern Charm. However, this season Shep grapples with the Falstaffian allusion that the joviality of a clown often masks a certain sadness and avoidance of responsibility and/or accountability. However, his acknowledgment of this looming identity shows a self-awareness that may allow him to get ahead of the curve and make the necessary adjustments in order to avoid clichéd pitfalls and double binds.

This season, we see Shep living downtown in the house he built last year, enjoying all the tomfoolery that bar ownership affords and seems to invite. Indeed, good times are had. Women, wine and song will get you every time though, and Shep is wondering if the late nights and mornings are taking their toll? Is the love of a good and honest woman the answer and salve that can bring him back from the fringe? Perhaps, but he will not compromise and settle for anything less than true love. For why settle down when you can settle up? (bar analogy).

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