Kirk Knight

Kirk and Laura fell in love in Washington, D.C. after they both moved to the city for a fresh start. A true power couple, Kirk is the owner of his own commercial real estate investment company as well as an Internet startup, and Laura is the owner of an insurance brokerage company and is a Pilates instructor. Already the father of two teenage sons, fun-loving Kirk enjoys his condo and leisurely lifestyle and struggles with giving his life up as the ultimate bachelor. Laura is a stylish, high achiever who looks at life as a series of to-do lists, upon which having a baby and buying a house rest firmly at the top. Although the couple enjoys the luxuries their success affords, Laura is trying to be more practical as she hopes to be pregnant and move to the suburbs to start a family soon. Kirk, on the other hand, is accustomed to his life as an overgrown kid with his bachelor pad condo, sports cars and an expensive fish-collecting hobby. Will the happy couple be able to buckle down and make some of the necessary sacrifices in order to expand their family?

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