Princess-Approved Sneakers! You Can Get Kate Middleton’s Favorites For $65

Bonus: They go with everything.    

If we’ve learned one thing about Kate Middleton in recent years, it’s that she’s no Sleeping Beauty when it comes to fashion. Mixing affordable brands like Zara and L.K.Bennet (those nude pumps!) with haute couture from Alexander McQueen and Jenny Packham, Middleton is defining what a modern-day princess should look like—and that’s effortlessly chic, transitioning from skinny jeans and sneakers to embellished ball gowns with ease.

Which is why we’re all obsessed with Kate Middleton. And why we all want to look like Kate Middleton whenever possible. Luckily, her latest must-have accessory is well-within our plebian grasp. The duchess was recently spotted at a London marathon event donning adorable jeans, a Luisa Spagnoli pullover, and…wait for it…Superaga Cotu Classic Sneakers! (And it’s not the first time time she donned them—she broke them out during last year’s trip to Canada, as well.)

That’s right, Middleton donned the classic tennis shoe in white and you can, too, for only 65 bucks. We’re no stranger to the Superaga brand and with nearly 800 reviews on Amazon and Zappos, you can rest assure that it’s a top choice among consumers. Both retailers offer a variety of colors, some of which dip as low as $45 depending on size. While we may not be invited to a royal event any time soon, it's somewhat comforting to know that we can trot around town in the princess' shoes, right? Right.

Superaga Cotu Classic

BUY FROM: Zappos, $65

Superaga Cotu Classic

BUY FROM: Amazon, $65

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