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Only Doing It For The Money

S5/EP11 | Aired:
November 14, 2017
Captain Lee has a special guest come aboard and the crew gets to see a different side to their leader. A familiar face from the past surprises the crew and immediately has eyes for Jen. An all-female charter proves to be a handful. (43:24)
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King Come-On-I-Wanna-Lay-Ya

S5/EP10 | Aired:
November 7, 2017
An accident puts Nico in jeopardy of finishing out the rest of the charter season. Kate is forced to leave her stews behind as she attempts to entertain the not please land locked guests. Matt is back in hot water with another restaurant owner. (43:24)
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Hot Mess Express

S5/EP9 | Aired:
October 31, 2017
The crew have their hands full when eight big personalities come on board. Matt attempts to step up his cooking game. Nico attempts to show Captain Lee he is better bosun material than EJ, but a beach picnic might prove too much for him to handle. (43:18)
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Under Cover Boss

S5/EP8 | Aired:
October 24, 2017
Nico and Brianna grow closer despite Nico's girlfriend back in Chicago. Unexpected news sends Matt into an alcohol fueled day off. Kate challenges Jen and Brianna to a stewardess speed test which has unexpected consequences. (43:24)
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S5/EP7 | Aired:
October 16, 2017
Leigh Anne Tuohy and her friends prove to be a challenge for Matt's culinary skills. Nico settles into life as the number two on deck but questions if he can stick out. Jen tries to impress Kate but fails to adhere to the dress code. (43:24)
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100 Feet From Catastrophe

S5/EP6 | Aired:
October 9, 2017
Nico is pushed to his breaking point under the leadership of boson EJ. Matt continues to unravel after his date with Brianna. Captain Lee makes a staffing decision. Jen feels under-appreciated in her department which causes strife with Brianna. (43:24)

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It's Stew vs. Stew!
Below Deck

It's Stew vs. Stew!

S5/EP8: Kate has a speed test for her stews, but Jen isn't too pleased...